Eiro Research Foundation Business

Eiro Research is a multilevel or network marketing opportunity based in the health an wellness industry. The company opened its doors in the early fall of 2009 under the guidance of its founders who tak with them over 20 years of experience in the multilevel marketing industry. So is Eiro the right opportunity for you?

Eiro’s primarily carries four main products as of now verses the two they began with less than a year ago. The mission statement behind the products is “provide our associates with the foundation and the tools to make themselves whole – physically, financially, personally, and in their communities.” The products themselves are based on nutritional drinks, powder mixes and nutritional supplements (tablets) and all containing high quality ingredients.

The compensation plan of course is based, as many MLM opportunities are, on bonus levels attained through a personal volume met by you and your down line. The retail aspect however is different in which the individual will collect the difference between the actual wholesale and retail cost of the product(s) themselves. With the bonus levels comes the fact that to attain the personal volume the need to create autoships will be very important.

Starting in your warm market will of course be needed especially for those without the knowledge of Internet marketing. As for Eiro Research, this is still a new company and as the numbers speak many companies in this specific industry have a usual shelf life of less than five years usually due to the lack of proper management. Eiro does seem to have a solid managing team that could possibly carry them over that threshold. There are a few tools offered by many companies like ER and replicated sites are the ‘norm’. These sites however do not guarantee any traffic to the site and that training or, learning curve will need to be learned.

Learning how to market online and offline will be vitally important, especially online as most individuals are surfing the Internet more than ever today for these types of products. Of course many individuals jump into opportunity after opportunity with the root problem being either lack of a good sponsor, or a truly defined compensation plan. It is important to always do your due diligence before investing into any online or offline opportunity.