Tips to Improve to a Healthy Lifestyle


Developing a healthy lifestyle is not something that merely happens overnight. But if a person takes positive, thoughtful steps towards what will benefit his or her life, then slowly a lifestyle will emerge that is well rounded and conducive to a healthy life. This is especially important since obesity and type 2 diabetes statistics on a frightening rise. If you are in any of these two categories, or if you simply want to start developing healthier habits so that medical issues related to weight do not arise in the future, here are five tips you can use to help develop a health lifestyle.

Exercise Regularly.
It is vital that you develop a regular exercise schedule to follow. Not only is this the time when your body gets to burn off some of those excess calories and fat that your body has, but you are getting your respiratory system and heartrate going at an elevated rate. If you are someone who has not exercised in a very long time then take it slow at first. Start with a daily walk for 30 minutes to an hour for a week or two. Once you have followed through with the daily walks, start jogging/running for 30 minutes to an hour every other day. After a month of this, your body will be able to handle more intense sports activities like basketball, tennis, racquetball, soccer, or even the at-home DVD workout programs. There are some very good options to get an awesome workout from the comfort of your home needing nothing more than a DVD player and a tv. Definitely look into this option if you want an effective workout program with a specific planned out schedule for you to follow. Really takes the difficulty out of needing to come up with your own exercise plan – all you have to do is pop the disc in, select the appropriate workout, and get to it! Take a look at the wide variety of options available for you right here.

Pack a Lunch for Work
When you have to run out to purchase lunch from a fast food spot or your workplace cafeteria, we often do not always select the healthiest options from these places. Yes you can probably find meals that would not be terribly detrimental to eat, but in all reality, how often do you do that? If you pack yourself a lunch every morning, or the night before, then you are guaranteed to have a lunch that will be healthy and appropriately portion sized. Portion size is often overlooked and unfortunately can be the most critical error when it comes to eating. Take into careful consideration how much actual “food” you need to eat in order to become nutritionally sound. That is why making an appointment to see your doctor or nutritionist can really help in determining what an ideal calorie count would be for your age, gender, weight, and body type.

Plan Out Your Meals In Advance
If you take the time to actually plan out a weekly/monthly meal schedule you will find that not only can you plan out a menu that will be as healthy as you would like, but you can also save money on the amount of money you spend each week/month on food. Another benefit to having a planned out schedule is because it will also help cover the need to ever have to make the random trip to the local fast food chain in order to pick up dinner, or lunch while at work. When your meals are planned, there will be no need to spend extra money purchasing fast food which probably wouldn’t be a healthy choice anyways.

Drink Plenty of Water
Water is often neglected by many people, and definitely shouldn’t be especially when you are exercising regularly in order to lose weight. Your body needs water, period. Your body is comprised of about 70% water which is evidence enough that it needs water in order to survive and maintain peek performance. Try and get into the habit of always having drinking water at hand throughout the day. A travel water container or plastic water bottles are an extremely handy way to always have water right there at arms reach. At lunch, try to opt for water instead of the large coke or sprite drink option. The absence of those calories and sugar will do your body good. At dinner, choosing to have water instead of that beer or glass of wine can literally save you calories and a ton of money at the same time.

Use Restraint When Dining Out
Going out to eat at a restaurant or fast food spot can really pack on the calories, sugar count, and literally every other kind of negative statistic you can think of, unless you use restraint and choose healthy options. With a 2011 average of 4.8 restaurant meals (dine in or take-out) for Americans, that’s almost five times per week restraint must be kept in mind or that will be five times per week you may possibly be eating in an unhealthy manner. If you did not maintain restraint when eating out, it would be terribly difficult to lose weight each and every week. Therefore have some self-control when you dine out. Choose a healthy option if at all possible. Another tip is to ask for a “to-go” box (doggie bag) and as soon as your meal arrives put half of it away for take-home. Tie it up and place out of sight or even give it to your server to hold until the end of your meal so the temptation is out of sight. Doing this you will be immediately cutting out half of the calories, and at the same time have an awesome leftover meal for the next day.

How to Secure Foundation Grants For Your Organization

Today, there is infinity of private institutions continuously supporting their own domains. There are institutions that focus on education, some on health; many are all about the children or their race and culture. Each of them has their own agenda and their own methods of carrying them out. A common method among such institutions is providing foundations grants. While a good majority of them provide services as a means to accomplish their goals, many offer foundation grants to qualified individuals or organizations with the same goals.

Money can, in fact, open a lot of doors and the foundations have them exactly for the purpose of opening those doors to those who are can’t open them on their own and are willing to work for it. The most common of foundation grants are educational support for exceptional students and unfortunate youth. Many college graduates and professionals are the products of scholarships largely funded by foundations. It’s basically giving people the rod, line and hook to learn how to fish instead of spoon-feeding them the fish in order to live. Another commonly known foundation grant is funding for scientific research on medicine, ecological conservation and even prototypical technologies. Many of these researches often result to a streamlined, inexpensive and less invasive medical procedure, the latest mobile phone craze or the future of energy-efficient fuel.

Many foundations are the outcome of a business endeavor that grew to millions which gave birth to more charitable and humanitarian efforts, much to the likes of Microsoft and now philanthropist Bill Gates. Some foundations are built by governing bodies themselves, such as the United Nations Foundation. With all the existing foundations all over the world, their efforts are already coordinated by a nationwide body such as the Council of Foundations for the US and the Association of Charitable Foundations in the United Kingdom. This as a collective, resources and efforts are better distributed to have a more efficient output. These foundations of various sectors in society always have grant programs available for their own people or communities to utilize.

In a larger perspective, the purpose of foundation grants is not only to provide financial aid. Grants are mere mediums to a larger effort. In the process of funding a research on how to better harness kinetic and solar energy, for instance, encourages and affects technological progress. It actually provides the means to reach the ultimate goal of producing cleaner and more sustainable technology. By affecting the means of living, they also affect the cultural response to change. It thus, opens the minds of people that may be hesitant to change.

Today, there are continuous progress in literacy and health through foundation grants from local or worldwide charities. Children from poverty-stricken areas are learning to read and write. Adults are learning to be more open and are becoming more aware of what’s happening around the world. With this knowledge, humanitarian efforts have a larger participation now as they have gathered more and more support over years. People outside charitable institutions are able to see and experience the possibilities these foundations and their programs can achieve in a society, all assisted through foundation grants.

Advancing the Next Big Idea in Animal Health

Smallpox, polio and even influenza-these deadly diseases once ruled the earth, killing by the millions. Today, thanks to scientific research, their impact is far less. The same holds true for animal diseases such as canine parvovirus and feline leukemia. One day, a host of other diseases that affect humans or animals, and sometimes both, may meet the same fate.

When major medical breakthroughs happen, such as the promising bone marrow treatment for humans with sickle cell anemia announced last December, we often don’t realize the time and effort behind a new prevention, treatment or cure. The reality, though, is that medical advancements usually take years, even decades, to come to fruition-and along the way hundreds of ideas are attempted before one of them opens the doors. Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) is committed to finding and funding the next big ideas in animal health research.

We know that a novel idea goes nowhere without proper funding-and funding for the unknown is often tough to come by. The Foundation is one of the few organizations helping cutting-edge scientists gather data and test promising concepts that could one day lead to major health breakthroughs for animals.

Innovative Ideas Take Flight:
Through its pilot-study program, MAF provides funding up to $10,800 for one-year studies that test a new idea and gather preliminary data to determine if the idea merits further investigation. This program provides timely funding for innovative ideas, speeds up scientific discovery and advances the Foundation’s mission to improve the health and welfare of animals.

“Pilot research study grants are designed to support innovative research ideas and early-stage projects where preliminary data may not be available,” says Dr. Wayne Jensen, MAF chief scientific officer.

One benefit to the pilot-study program is that MAF accepts these study proposals multiple times per year rather than through the traditional grant cycle of once per year. As a result, the program helps researchers respond more rapidly to emerging diseases and contemporary questions in animal health research.

Funding for pilot studies is desperately needed to advance veterinary medicine for companion animals and wildlife. Dr. James Moore, chair of the Foundation’s large animal scientific advisory board, explains that most funding agencies only support proposals that already contain a sufficient amount of preliminary data to suggest that the expected outcomes will be achieved. But scientists need funding to gather preliminary data. So it was no surprise that MAF received an overwhelming response-161-to its two 2009 calls for proposals. Yet the Foundation can fund only 12 to 18 projects each year.

“The greater than expected response to the request for proposals for pilot studies suggests that there are a lot of good, untested ideas out there,” Dr. Moore says.

A History of Funding Health Breakthroughs:
The Foundation has a long history of funding breakthrough projects. For example, in 1999, MAF was the first to fund research to look at why California sea otters were dying off. Over the next decade, we funded several grants looking at disease risks in sea otters. What scientists learned from these projects helped them win a $1.86 million grant from the National Science Foundation. In an interview for AnimalNews 6.4, lead researcher Dr. Patricia Conrad noted that, “the Morris Animal Foundation grants were critically important. Without that support in the project’s infancy, we wouldn’t have been able to compete for bigger grants.”

Beyond uncovering information about the infectious diseases that were killing sea otters, these studies also led to increased state legislative protections for the playful creatures and trained numerous up-and-coming wildlife health researchers.

A current study funded by our Canine Cancer Campaign is testing a new drug therapy for bone cancer in dogs. This major project encompasses multiple facets and institutions and could eventually save the lives of thousands of dogs-yet it began as a small pilot effort. Additional pilot projects may soon lead to a promising treatment for eye cancer in horses, improved nutrition for brook trout and better pain management for reptiles.

Current pilot studies address gastrointestinal problems, urinary infections and heartworm in dogs; osteoarthritis pain in cats; laminitis in horses and overpopulation and drug-resistant infections in pets.

“Pilot studies like these are important for moving veterinary medicine forward, primarily because they can be accomplished relatively quickly and relatively inexpensively,” Dr. Moore says.

Who knows where this year’s pilot projects may lead. Perhaps they will give veterinarians a tool to help them diagnose and manage osteoarthritis in cats or an inoculation that prevents certain strains of Escherichia coli from causing recurrent urinary tract infections in dogs. Or maybe equine veterinarians will get an inexpensive method for treating laminitis, a painful, life-threatening condition.

The possibilities for advancing animal health are truly endless as long as we continue to support pioneering scientists with innovative ideas. These promising projects may one day change the face of veterinary medicine and help create a healthier tomorrow for animals.

Learn more about the current pilot studies.

Eiro Research Foundation Business

Eiro Research is a multilevel or network marketing opportunity based in the health an wellness industry. The company opened its doors in the early fall of 2009 under the guidance of its founders who tak with them over 20 years of experience in the multilevel marketing industry. So is Eiro the right opportunity for you?

Eiro’s primarily carries four main products as of now verses the two they began with less than a year ago. The mission statement behind the products is “provide our associates with the foundation and the tools to make themselves whole – physically, financially, personally, and in their communities.” The products themselves are based on nutritional drinks, powder mixes and nutritional supplements (tablets) and all containing high quality ingredients.

The compensation plan of course is based, as many MLM opportunities are, on bonus levels attained through a personal volume met by you and your down line. The retail aspect however is different in which the individual will collect the difference between the actual wholesale and retail cost of the product(s) themselves. With the bonus levels comes the fact that to attain the personal volume the need to create autoships will be very important.

Starting in your warm market will of course be needed especially for those without the knowledge of Internet marketing. As for Eiro Research, this is still a new company and as the numbers speak many companies in this specific industry have a usual shelf life of less than five years usually due to the lack of proper management. Eiro does seem to have a solid managing team that could possibly carry them over that threshold. There are a few tools offered by many companies like ER and replicated sites are the ‘norm’. These sites however do not guarantee any traffic to the site and that training or, learning curve will need to be learned.

Learning how to market online and offline will be vitally important, especially online as most individuals are surfing the Internet more than ever today for these types of products. Of course many individuals jump into opportunity after opportunity with the root problem being either lack of a good sponsor, or a truly defined compensation plan. It is important to always do your due diligence before investing into any online or offline opportunity.