Healthy Living Tips on a Budget


The basics of a healthy lifestyle are fairly simple in principle, but tough to attain in practice for many of us. Any improvement you can make in this area will have a positive impact on your overall health.

These are all things you’ve heard before and you may roll your eyes as you read it, but if you are serious about making change in your life, you will realize it’s time to start here.


We all know that we should exercise. Many of us don’t – including me several years ago. I was relatively young, healthy, thin, active and far too tired after a long day. Then I got cancer. For the first time I considered exercise a critical component of healthy living. It helps all the bodily functions operate at peak performance, which supports a strong immune system that helps ward off illnesses.

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment. Cardio exercise is free if you walk or run – and even more enjoyable if you do it with a partner. Many of us already have bicycles sitting in the garage that we can dust off to ride. I like to zone out in front of the TV while I exercise and I use a $30 trampoline – my typical routine involves running in place during a TV show and doing jumping jacks or twists during the commercials.

Any good routine also contains strength or core exercises. Simple things like a few push-ups, sit-ups, or crunches fit the bill. I love Pilates – the exercises can suit a beginner and still provide a vigorous workout for experts. My cable TV has an Exercise on Demand feature that allows me to try a variety of exercise routines from the comfort of my own home and at any time that is convenient for me.

The best exercise is the one you are most likely to keep doing, so find what works best for you and just do it.

  1. SLEEP

I touched on sleep briefly in a previous segment and I’m covering it here again because it’s one of the basics that is too often overlooked.

The body cannot function properly when it doesn’t have the opportunity to rejuvenate for at least 6 hours each night. We all have times when we get too little sleep, like when raising a newborn baby, but as a routine practice, one should not overlook the importance of sleep.

When deciding your priorities each day, it’s easiest to forego sleep. But that’s not a smart long-term strategy. If you regularly sacrifice sleep, you should re-think your priorities if you are serious about your health.


If you thought the other lifestyle changes were hard, wait till you get to this one! Our lives are full of stress. In fact, some of us thrive on it. But chronic stress is terrible for our health and if we are serious about our well-being, we need to find ways to manage it.

There are many stress-reduction techniques. As with exercise, the most effective method is the one you will actually use, so take some time to find out which work the best for you. Following are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Deep Breathing
  • Keep a diary
  • Join a support group
  • Read
  • Soak in the bathtub
  • Meet with friends
  • Take up a hobby
  • Surround yourself with positive people and keep others at arm’s length
  • Accept the fact that you can’t fix everything, including other people
  • LET GO of past hurts
  • Do not let people take advantage of you
  • Change jobs

I was fortunate to be able to change jobs to get myself out of a situation causing me detrimental chronic stress. It was not an easy decision and impacted our finances. We’re all faced with choices and the decisions that we make will either help or hurt our health and well-being. I hope you choose the healthier options, even if they are tough.

Useful Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Contrary to popular belief, learning how to live a healthy life doesn’t require you to sacrifice most things you’re accustomed to. Sure, there are those who like taking their healthy lifestyle to a whole new level, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Everyone has their own way of staying fit in mind and body.

These 3 easy tips will get you started on the right track in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Tip # 1 on how to live a healthy life: Draw a line between professional and personal.

The office can get a little stressful, especially when your job demands you to be constantly on your feet. It might have escaped your notice that you’re putting in more hours at the office than what is regular for the past three months. Or that you’re taking your work home more than usual.

Separate your professional and personal time. All guidance counselors and psychologists will tell you that all work and no play can be bad for your health.

Tip # 2 on how to live a healthy life: Switch your regular oil to extra virgin olive oil.

A lot of celebrity chefs these days are advocating the use of extra virgin olive oil. If you want to start living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keep this in mind on your next grocery trip.

Extra virgin olive oil is best known for lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Other reports also claim that it lowers the risk of cancers as well.

Unlike regular oil, extra virgin olive oil lowers your cholesterol levels. Replacing your regular oil to this healthier version can even make the result of your recipe even tastier as it is more flavorful.

Tip # 3 on how to live a healthy life: Watch your weight.

Strive to maintain your ideal weight. A lot of people don’t really feel like they have a diet issue, but are shocked when the doctor or nutritionist tells them that they’re overweight or underweight. How do you know whether you have an issue or not? Consult your doctor.

Another way to check is by calculating your body mass index (BMI). It’s basically a comparison of your height and your weight. There is a mathematical equation for calculating your BMI, but you can also check this Web site out: This Web site automatically provides you your BMI as soon as you key in your height and your weight.

Aren’t these steps on how to live a healthy life so easy? Anyone who says that changing lifestyles will require you to give up all that you have known, is clearly too afraid to take the challenge, or is just not determined enough to make a difference.

Some Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy

The first thing we need to do is develop healthy habits and thereafter you will enjoy and know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are all living on the edge and stress is one of the major causes of ill health and deterioration of our well being and over the last decade we are seeing the spillover effects. If your mind is healthy and you have healthy thoughts you will find that everything within and without will visibly improve.

Here are a few tips which will give you insight on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Poor nutrition has a detrimental effect on your health so it is best to begin with you seriously looking at a whole new eating plan, as a well balanced diet will enhance your entire well being which in turn will help you cope with every day trials and tribulations.

Good food and exercising go hand in hand and it is no use just having a well balanced diet as exercise also enhances your well being and releases stress and tension. If you enjoy a good work out then join a gym if not there are various other ways to get some good passive exercises like walking up and down step or join a hiking club or nature club.

Make a point of taking time out so that you can recharge. Try yoga or meditation, even relaxing in a hot tub surrounded by candle light will revive your mind and body. It is important to chill out and not burn out. This is just another tip on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be happy and free of stress.

Time management is of the utmost importance as this will help you organize your life appropriately allowing for “me time” as there is nothing better than a well organized day. Another important factor on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to have a good night’s rest. Lack of sleep interferes with your daily routine and effects your efficiency so make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep a night.

Take special heed to these valuable tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is if you are serious about changing your lifestyle for the better. Remember the universal law change the way you think and your life will change accordingly. And there is another very true saying you are what you eat.